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Text Styles

This is a lead-in-text sentence. Use it at the beginning of a page to provide context.

This is what regular paragraph text looks like. Any large portions of text should be set at the regular text size (19px) in order to increase readability.

Detail text can be used for secondary ui elements.

Larger text is helpful for primary menu items.

Inline Styles

As a best practice, you should use emphasis and strong text over italic and bold text.

This is italicized text

This is emphasized text

This is bold text

This is strong text

This is linked text


Outside of <article> elements, lists are unstyled by default. To use styled lists outside of <article> elements, use the following classes:

  • .list-decimal
  • .list-bulleted
  1. Ordered list item
  2. Ordered list item
  3. Ordered list item
  • Unordered list item
  • Unordered list item
  • Unordered list item