The pattern library hosts and documents the little pieces of HTML, CSS and JavaScript we snap together to make our website work the way it does.

The library will:

  1. Help you to understand the different building blocks and how to use them
  2. Provide HTML/CSS examples of components if you want to build additional page templates
  3. Establish a framework for documenting additional components/templates as we create them

This pattern library is alive. As the design and function of our site changes, the pattern library will too.

We’ll be adding more style resources for writing content and understanding our audiences in the future.

Who should use the pattern library?

The short answer: anyone. You can use it for any project you want. (We give it away under the MIT license, see details below.)

The long answer: this pattern library is most useful for Code for America staff and network members who want to build on-brand websites or contribute to the front-end design and function on our main website. We’re building it for the main website first, and breaking changes may occur in new releases to suit our needs.

Take a look at our Github repository right now to learn how to use our patterns on your site.

Who makes this?

  • The Code for America Style Guide is maintained by Fritz Jooste

License and contact

The Code for America Style Guide is Copyright (c) 2009-2019 Code for America. The Style Guide is made available for use under the MIT license. See our LICENSE for details.

Questions? Feedback? Just want to chat? Say hi to us by email at